Please feel free to contact us in English if you would like to join the Strider Enjoy Cup!
Strider Enjoy Cup Overview
Race system
2year olds 3year olds 4year olds 14x(4years old~6years old)
The total should 400 people
Could be categorized with age on the day of the event.
It will be closed if it reaches to the limit.
There will be no entries on the day for any races.
Uniform regulation
·Racers must wear a helmet in/out the course. The helmet must fit the head properly and the strap must be tightened.
·Racers must wear gloves to cover the hand and fingers (gloves exposing the tip of the fingers allowed along with normal gloves and working gloves).
·Racers must wear long sleeved shirts and pants. If the racer does not wish to wear long sleeved shirts and pants, he/she must wear protectors to protect elbows and knees. Even if the racer wears long sleeved shirts and pants, we highly recommend that you use a protector to protect parts of the body.
·Racers must wear shoes that fit their feet. No sandals/shoes that reveal the heel or shoes with spikes will be allowed. Shoes that may damage the course, such as those with spikes, will not be allowed.
·No sandals allowed.
·Racers must enter the race using a Strider
There will be no rentals.
·Normal wheels only (no normal spoke wheels for optional rubber tires allowed).
·No brakes allowed (to prevent racers from running into each other).
·The vehicle must be safely maintained by the guardian.
·No drop handles allowed.
·There must be a plastic or rubber grip on the handle.
The handle bar-end must be covered with a grip or a bar end cap.
The grip/bar end cap cannot be worn out exposing the handle bar end.
·If the organizing committee finds a safety issue with the vehicle, the racer may not be allowed to race.
·The wheel must be held in place directly on the default location on the front fork and the frame using tab washers.
·The host will inspect the clothes and safety gear of racers to ensure safety.
Whether the racer violates specific rules or not, if the racer is asked to make changes by the host, he/she must acquire permission from the host before riding their bikes in the venue.
Number plates will be handed out on the date of the race. Please place it in front side so it is clearly visible.
In case of rain
·The race will go on even if it rains, but if the weather is extremely rough, the race may be cancelled.

Podium ceremony
Winning award:Racers who finish 1st to 3rd in each class will be awarded.
Finalist award:Racers who go into the finals will be awarded.
Girl's award:The 3 girls who remain in the final heat of each class will be awarded.
Enjoy award:The child who enjoyed the race the most, regardless of winning/losing will be awarded with a“Enjoy award”.
Effort award & medal:With respect to the“efforts”of the racers, all children who participate will be awarded with a “Effort award”& medal.

Race being cancelled/postponed
The race will go on rain or shine, but in case of natural disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes, the race may be cancelled or postponed.
※If the race gets postponed/cancelled due to the reasons above, we cannot provide a refund. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancelling your entry
You cannot cancel your entry. We cannot issue refunds after registration. Thank you for your understanding.

Using photos/videos of the race
Videos/photos/articles/records (name/age/sex/record/portrait rights and other information) may be reported/posted/used on newspapers/TV/magazines/websites/pamphlets and other media. The host of the race reserves these rights.

Handling of personal information
The host of the race understands the importance of personal information and will comply with laws and related legislations regarding personal information protection when handling personal information based on its policy.
The host will use personal information to inform participants about future races, records, related information, the next race, services from our sponsors, and disclosing results to increase the level of service for our customers. Information of races, record notification, The host or the consignee may ask for confirmation regarding the registered information.

Areas where you can ride your bikes
·Strider may only be used in the venue. You may not ride Strider outside the venue.
·The area of the venue will be clarified on the certificate for each race
·When riding in the venue, the guardian must keep an eye on the child to avoid colliding with others when riding outside the race course or the test track.
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